Class with the 2nd years and my bad drawings!

It’s the last month of the term, so my teachers are a little less strict with the English lessons and are mostly focused on the third years graduation on Tuesday(which I am very sad about, I love my third years. Might write a post about graduation after next week). Classes are a little strange at the moment… here is something that happened with my second years today… They were bored with the readings that we were doing from the textbook and the teacher I teach with was like “eh, what do you guys wanna talk about” and he decided on bugs and sea creatures…

(Hopefully you can make out what the words are saying)

part 1


part 3


So yeah, my 2nd year class pretty much loves these crazy terrifying monsters that apparently lurk in the rivers near my house.     Click here if you want to see what triops’ actually look like. My second years are slightly strange. I think they just like saying things to see my reactions.


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