Good News Everybody!


Yay! I got an email today on my lunch break at work saying that I had been shortlisted!! I was so surprised. I was jumping up and down, acting like a moron, a silly grin plastered on my face. The rest of the day was an adrenaline induced blur.

Now onto the paperwork. Chest x-ray, Certificate of Heath and the reply form. Lots to do.

It might be time to brush up on my Japanese and relearn some daily/useful phrases. Hope to see some new faces at orientation once it rolls around in August!


Ahhhhhhhh! It’s April!

Soooooo. It’s now April and I am getting more nervous by the day. Should hear back about my application sometime between now and the end of next week. A whole ten days of anxiety and possibly more. Trying to get keep the dream alive, no one I know has heard, no news is good new right? right?

The waiting definitely is the worst. I’m keeping busy and trying to keep Jet off of my mind by getting extra shifts at my current job and making backup plans just in case I need them.

Realistically, I don’t think this is the year for me, looking at the re-contracting numbers from last year and the total number of ALTs for New Zealand was around 250, the 1st year ALTs made up around 90 of those. Doing some number crunching 2 people per half an hour, open hours of 8.30-5 of the embassy and minus breaks for staff leaves then potential for around 30 people per day. Then 3 days of interiviews, 90 people. THEN three separate locations for interviews with about the same number of interviewees is around 300 people trying for est. 90 spots. One in three chance. 

The waiting is driving me crazy. I’m doing ridiculous maths, trying to rationalize my chances… 

The waiting definitely is the hardest part