Jet update

No results yet….

Although I did get an email from the Japanese Embassy here saying that as they told us in the interview results will be posted to us around the start of April. That letter would contain a couple of forms to get our doctors to fill out, reply form (if you get in, fingers crossed) etc provide an xray etc etc… however regardless of when we are told if we’re in or not we’re supposed to have these forms into the Embassy by the 22nd of April. Sounds reasonable right? Get the letter in the post, say for arguments sake, around maybe 5-6 of April. Awesome two weeks to get time off work and get my ass to the doctor. Right? RIGHT? Well they just moved up the deadline….by a week. 16th of April. Shit. Curse you easter, why couldn’t you fall a week later this year?

Well regardless if, and I stress if, I get shortlisted or even put on the reserve list I have to still get this done. It wouldn’t be so bad if the Embassy could actually confirm when they will let everyone know.  /stress/ If I didn’t have a full time job then this wouldn’t be a problem, but my work wont let you take leave unless you give 4 weeks worth of notice … sigh. But I’m so keen to do JET all the schedule juggling and running around will be worth it in the end.

Fingers crossed for the first week of April