English Boards….

And other things to keep my mind off the upcoming departure of my favourite students. Each day I see the 3rd years, I’m reminded that this time next week they’ll be gone.

But onto other things. Here are the various English boards I’ve made in the last couple of months. I have two English boards, one in the main corridor by the staff room and the other one is in a spare classroom that gets used three-four times a week for the first years English classes. I accidentally always put less effort into the second board and it shows. Onto the pictures!

1425617559974   1425617558162

First and second English boards. Which one is in the corridor by the staff room hmmm?? 😛

1425617561644    1425617563176

Ah January. Making that sheep was surprisingly infuriating. January also welcomed the arrival of Paper Sarah

1425617566863    1425617564924

Februarys boards were a bit of a rush job as I got sick during the first week. Definitely need to up my game on the green board. That tree looks very pathetic …


And finally the board I put up this week. After an emotional last lesson on Tuesday I updated Paper Sarah, giving her clothes not just a scarf. The small note has a drawing and just expands on how much I will miss them all and telling them to email me or add me on Facebook (I have small hope that some might but not really that much)

And finally as I was churning through the JET Japanese course in January… this popped up as the vocab. Forgot about it until now. Spelling mistakes aside, thanks for the not so subtle hint about taking the Japanese Proficient Exam…