English Boards….

And other things to keep my mind off the upcoming departure of my favourite students. Each day I see the 3rd years, I’m reminded that this time next week they’ll be gone.

But onto other things. Here are the various English boards I’ve made in the last couple of months. I have two English boards, one in the main corridor by the staff room and the other one is in a spare classroom that gets used three-four times a week for the first years English classes. I accidentally always put less effort into the second board and it shows. Onto the pictures!

1425617559974   1425617558162

First and second English boards. Which one is in the corridor by the staff room hmmm?? 😛

1425617561644    1425617563176

Ah January. Making that sheep was surprisingly infuriating. January also welcomed the arrival of Paper Sarah

1425617566863    1425617564924

Februarys boards were a bit of a rush job as I got sick during the first week. Definitely need to up my game on the green board. That tree looks very pathetic …


And finally the board I put up this week. After an emotional last lesson on Tuesday I updated Paper Sarah, giving her clothes not just a scarf. The small note has a drawing and just expands on how much I will miss them all and telling them to email me or add me on Facebook (I have small hope that some might but not really that much)

And finally as I was churning through the JET Japanese course in January… this popped up as the vocab. Forgot about it until now. Spelling mistakes aside, thanks for the not so subtle hint about taking the Japanese Proficient Exam…



Final Days!

Oooooooooooooooook. Last 1/2 day in Nelson before I leave for Wellington.  This is going to be text heavy, as I don’t have enough time left at home to upload some pics.

Last night I was up to midnight packing and repacking my one check in suitcase and my carry on mini suitcase. I didn’t think that I would have as much problems with the weight limits as I did. It almost drove my mum and I into madness. It must have been around 5 hours of packing with the odd bit of sitting around watching TV. 

Today, I fly to the capital and will attend another orientation at the Embassy from lunchtime until about 5.30. Luckily, afterwards the Wellington JETs get to visit the Japanese Ambassadors house and have dinner there. Which will be quite interesting. 

This last week has gone by super quickly. From last weekend unfortunately I have been sick with the flu and slightly sound like a man. Not the ideal condition for travelling overseas but I can’t do anything about it now. I’m doped up on cold and flu pills. Really hoping that the people I sit next today don’t hate me for most likely sneezing or coughing a lot. For the people I will share a room with in Auckland and Tokyo, I am so sorry. I will most likely be snoring a lot. 

I’m looking forward to being able to say goodbye to a few friends in Wellington on Saturday but I know that’s when the nerves will really start to kick in. I’m really going to miss my home and my family. I have this feeling that its going to be hard on me so I’m trying to accept those feelings before they start to overwhelm me. Just gotta take it day by day and hope that I’m not going to completely freak out too much.

Timeline for this upcoming week….

Friday – Fly to Wellington for pre-departure orientation

Saturday – Free day then fly to Auckland at night, staying overnight at a hotel

Sunday – Be at airport around 6ish for 8.30am departure. Arrive in Japan around 11 hours later, 5pm ish local time. Arrive at Keio Plaza a couple of hours later.

Monday – Tokyo Orientation 

Tuesday – Tokyo Orientation, possible BBQ dinner at the New Zealand Embassy

Wednesday – Travel to Toyooka!