Contact has been made

Woo!! I just received an email from my Contracting Organisation!!

*Dances happily*

I was starting to get worried that I wouldn’t hear anything before I left. I’m going to be living in a part of Toyooka called Kei/Kehi. It seems that tip off I got was right. It’s a small little place with no train station on the west coast of Hyogo. Right on the coast of the Sea of Japan. It’s about 5km to the nearest station in Kinosaki and about 15km from the centre of Toyooka itself. My main junior high school is only about a 10 minute walk from my apartment so that’s awesome. (hopefully still an awesome walk in the 30cm-40cm snow)

I also officially have been given my predecessors email so now I can complete bug her with all of my stereotypical questions… well, to continue to bug her. She found me on Facebook a few weeks ago and suspected I was her successor because we’re from the same city.

Another thing I found out is that the city subsidizes my rent by half so my monthly rent should only be around Y26,000 (around $300 NZD) which is half of what I have been paying for the last three years for my room at the flat I had in Wellington. After rent, power, pension fund, taxes, health insurance and other deductions I should be left with around Y140,000 (est $1500 NZD) per month. Realistically if I manage my bills I’ll be absolutely fine.

It’s so close to leaving for Japan. Now only the last lot of waiting. I should get a Notice of Appointment, Terms and Conditions and a Statement of Agreement by mail air soon so it’ll all be completely official very soon.

And then the countdown begins!


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