Wellington Q&A

Been a little bit busy over the last couple of weeks, but on the 13th and 14th of June was the Wellington Q & A session, where we had two days of presentations and lessons. I flew up to Wellington and made my way to the Japanese Embassy. I have to say walking around in business formal dress was a little strange. I’m not really used to wearing it.

Our JET coordinator spent the next hour or so talking about general information about the programme. We had a visit from a representative from the Inland Revenue Department and then from the Travel agent. So now I actually know when I’m leaving for Japan! Still waiting to hear from my Predecessor and Contracting organisation… I have had a little tip off that I might be heading to a place called Kehi, in northern Toyooka.

It was really good to hear from past JETs and all of their experiences. After the first day we went out for dinner at a local Japanese restaurant, Origami, and were paired up with an ex-JET that had been placed near where we were heading off to.

The best part of the whole weekend was the lessons we had with a local Japanese teacher from Wellington. She was amazing and reminded me of why I was sitting there in the first place. How much I had enjoyed learning Japanese in the past. If I had her as a high school teacher instead of my own, I think I would have a better grasp on the Japanese language and would have applied for JET at least two years earlier.

Not gonna lie, I am really starting to think that I am not prepared enough for Japan. Lots of stuff to work on…


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