Hyogo here I come!

The letter finally came today! I’ve been placed in…

Toyooka City

…in the Hyogo prefecture!

Not quite where I thought I’d end up but I’m really happy with it. It’s a city that’s on the western side of the Kansai region and is very close to the Sea of Japan.

It has some really nice looking tourist spots like Takeno beach and a few nice hot springs in Kinosaki. Lots of things for me to explore!

One thing I won’t be prepared for is snow!! But I am so excited for a white Christmas. I’ve never had a white Christmas or even lived somewhere where it’s actually snowed. It’s been such a whirlwind day and now my neighbours can stop looking at me like I’m completely insane for constantly checking the letterbox. Woo!

Also today I kicked something off my ‘to do list’ and walked to the top of the Richmond hills. Long walk up, but it was a really nice day so it was really pleasant.  550m straight up. I was higher than the planes. It was around 8km there and back. My legs aren’t as forgiving as I was hoping they’d be.


20140522_105410[1]                     20140522_102316[1]


Absolutely stunning Nelson day. Now the next part is to do my research on my city and to start to get my medicine import forms done. Getting super excited. I’m looking forward to the Q&A session in Wellington in the middle of June but time is just flying by now. Soon it’ll be time to start thinking about what to pack…



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