End of an era

In only four days I will leave my job of 4-5 years. It is a bizarre feeling, working the last week that I’ll work there. It’s an unhealthy mixture of nerves and excitement with a slightly massive undertone of worry. Balancing full time work, university and actually having a life has been a real eye opener over the years. Mostly that if you want something you have to earn it. It’s not just going to magically come your way.

Routine is very hard to get out of and I think I’m ready for a change. I have felt stuck in a rut at my work for a while now. I might not miss the job but there are people I will miss and people who I will not. So as the week counts down towards Thursday I’ll be thinking of the future and of the past and how I’ve changed. (hopefully for the better)

I have just over one month of leave to use and then I’ve got around one month until departure. If I somehow get disqualified from JET (god forbid)  I will still have a job at a closer to home branch of my work. Probably not as good as my current job but hey a job is a job. I’m all about the backup plans. You can never be too prepared especially if you are as pessimistic as I am.

Four days. It’s like a dream.

Then during the wee hours of pre morning on Saturday, I’m hitching a ride with my car on the ferry.   I’m moving home to sunny, non-windy Nelson effectively ending my 6 year residency in Wellington. Can’t say I won’t miss it. Nothing can beat Wellington on a good day.


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