Good News Everybody!


Yay! I got an email today on my lunch break at work saying that I had been shortlisted!! I was so surprised. I was jumping up and down, acting like a moron, a silly grin plastered on my face. The rest of the day was an adrenaline induced blur.

Now onto the paperwork. Chest x-ray, Certificate of Heath and the reply form. Lots to do.

It might be time to brush up on my Japanese and relearn some daily/useful phrases. Hope to see some new faces at orientation once it rolls around in August!


5 thoughts on “Good News Everybody!

  1. Congrats!! It’s so exciting!! I also was shortlisted (in Auckland). Odd that you got sent an e-mail and letter… I only got sent a letter, strange! Anyway, glad that some of the waiting is over….Where are you hoping to get placed?

    • I thought it was weird I got an email too. It said something like that since the due date got moved from the 22nd to the 16th because of Easter that it was quicker to email out the forms so we could get them done in time.

      I’m hoping for around Osaka/Kyoto/Shikoku areas… but where ever I end up will be good… hopefully not out too far in the wop wops

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